Child Protection

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    Child protection mediation is a program available to help social workers and family members through the planning process of a child's future. Used effectively, it can minimize court involvement thereby preserving and building the working relationships necessary during a child's life.

The Core Review of Services has provided some statistics to highlight the current challenges.

Key Benefits

bulletdecreased polarization
bulletincreased joint planning
bullettimely and cost effective decision making


 Mediation can help in child protection cases where family members and social workers disagree on the best way to meet a child's individual needs. Intervention by the third party neutral mediator can be initiated by the social worker or a family member and is paid for by the separate, Attorney-General's Ministry. One study has shown high user satisfaction levels in this highly emotional area. 

Before entering my career in law, I worked for seven years with families and children in counseling services. Currently, I sit as a Tribunal member of the Children's Commission. This background gives me invaluable content knowledge. While specific content knowledge is not necessary for a mediator who will not give decisions, it is an invaluable asset for understanding the terrain of a dispute and guiding the parties over the common barriers to resolution.

Understanding of Child Protection Practices
Work historically in child services and currently in complaints concerning children speeds the discussion process.
Involvement as a mediator trainer ensures a high level of skills
Trainer in mediation: Justice Institute of British Columbia, Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C., B.C. Arbitration and Mediation Institute.
Independence and neutrality
Work in this area continues to remain highly polarized. In this context my broad range of work as a mediator, trainer and lawyer, coupled with my specific background knowledge ensures independence and neutrality.

Screening tool for mediation for persons with substance abuse or mental health problems. 

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