Ministry of Children and Family Development


Statistics from the Core Review of Services published 10/23/01


Annotated by Terry Harris



One in ten British Columbians, each year receives programs and services from the Ministry.


Fiscal Data

The budget for 2001/2002 stands at $1.56 billion.


Child Protection

10,700 children are in the legal care of the government.

Aboriginal children make up 40 percent of this caseload[1], yet represent only 5 percent of the province’s population.[2]


Aboriginal Issues

Of the children in the province in Ministry care and in Youth Justice custody, 40 and 30 percent respectively, are Aboriginal. Aboriginal people make up 5 percent of the population overall.



The Ministry supports community living for 8,700 adults with developmental disabilities.

The Ministry is a major purchaser of acute care beds in the health system.[3]

Seventy-five percent of the Ministry's budget (over $1 billion) is expended “through community partner agencies”[4], which supports about 25,000 jobs.



The legacy of the Gove Commission review coexists in era, with the statistic that the number of children taken into the care of the province, increased by two thirds, from about 6000 to 10,700, in five years. The numbers were still trending upward.[5]

[1] Note, to that can be added 30 percent of the Youth Justice caseload.

[2] This is the legacy of the residential school system, where the parents of today have never seen parents, raise children. It did not cease very long ago. I recall, in my first job after my BA in 1975, an operating school in B.C.’s third largest city, Kamloops.

[3] The Ministry funds double the number of acute care beds than the health extended care system.

[4] Basically this is funding to support the volunteer sector, assisting the community to look after its own. It is then, the prime example of the government's goal of assisting families and communities to look after themselves.

[5] “with no end in sight.” Social workers are already be acting differently, however.

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