Civil Procedure

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From the Justice Institute Calendar, Website text:

Civil Procedures for Mediators CR 846

CivilThis course is for those who want to practice mediation in the context of the civil justice system. It is required for mediators who do not have a law degree but want to be considered for the B.C. Mediator Roster. It may also be of interest to those with a law degree who want to refresh their knowledge of civil procedure. The course examines the aspects of civil procedure that mediators need to be familiar with: what the litigation track looks like, including the practicalities of time and cost as a typical case proceeds through the system, as well as the role of lawyers in litigation and mediation. The course will also address how Court Rules use expense to encourage settlement, the difference between the formal legal parties and the real decision-makers in a lawsuit and the rules of evidence that commonly arise in mediation.


C250, and either CR110A or CR110B; CR260 recommended

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The Civil Pro Game ( a work in progress, in online learning).