TERRY HARRIS





Address:                                  Suite 1000 – 355 Burrard St. Vancouver, B.C. V6C 2G8

Telephone:                                604-683-3516 office, 604-987-3817 fax.     




1997                                       Harvard University, Advanced Mediation Workshop


1993                                       Justice Institute of British Columbia,

Certificate in Conflict Resolution


1983                                       University of Victoria, Faculty of Law, LLB


1975                                       University of British Columbia,

BA. Psychology




2003 - present                           Vice President, British Columbia Mediator Roster Society.


2001 - present                           Board Member, British Columbia Mediator Roster Society.


2001 - 2003                              Board Member, British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute.


1999 - present                           Member, B.C. Mediator Roster (Civil).


1997 - present                           Committee Member, Law Society of B.C., Family Law Mediation Subcommittee.


1997 - 2004                              Chartered Mediator, B.C. Arbitration and Mediation Institute.


1997                                       Certifying Administrator, for the mediator qualification program of the Mediation Development Association of British Columbia.


1996 - 7                                   Vice President, Mediation Development Association of British Columbia.


1996 - present                           Practice Advisor, Canadian Bar Association, regarding mediation services.


1995                                       Rapporteur, Canadian Forum on Dispute Resolution, Dispute Resolution in the Justice System, Toronto Ont.


1984 - 1986                              Committee Member, Vancouver, B.C.

Law Society Education Committee


1981 - 1983                              President,

Law Students Society, University of Victoria


1972 - 1973                              Academic Affairs Chairman,

Alma Mater Society, University of Victoria.




1999 – present                           Mediator and Trainer in full time private practice, concentrating in child protection and commercial mediation and conflict resolution training.


1988 - 1999                              Peterson, Stark

Partner with conduct of civil litigation files, primarily in the areas of personal injury, family and commercial litigation through our Surrey and Vancouver offices. I also practiced as a commercial and family law mediator.


1993 - present                           The Alternate Dispute Resolution Centres, The British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre, The Canadian Dispute Resolution Corporation, Solutions, Talbot Mediation Services, Concord Global Dispute Resolution and the ICBC ADR Department.

Mediator, As a contract mediator, conduct hundreds of mediations on a fee for service basis for these service providers.


1997 – present                           Justice Institute of British Columbia

Trainer, Teach conflict resolution courses including Mediation I, Negotiation I and II and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace, Dealing with Interpersonal Conflict, Critical Skills, Asserting Yourself as well as teaching the required Civil Procedure course for mediators seeking registration on the Mediator Roster Society list of mediators.


1997 - present                           Dispute Resolution Practicum Society

Mentor, Co-mediate with student mediators in Provincial Court cases to teach mediation skills.


1997 - present                           Province of B. C., Dispute Resolution Office

Child Protection Mediator, Conduct over eighty mediations between the Ministry and parents in cases where children have been taken into care by the Ministry for Children and Family.


1997 - 2002                              Children’s Commission of B.C.

Tribunal Panel Member, Conduct arbitration hearings concerning the rights of children in care and services provided to children by government ministries.


1984 - 1987                              MacIsaac Clark & Company

Lawyer with conduct of civil litigation matters, primarily in personal injury, family, wrongful dismissal, and administrative law matters.


1983 - 1984                              Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia

Articled Student in the Constitutional and Administrative Law Departments with rotations in the Criminal, Civil Litigation and Labour Departments.


1981                                       Saanich Police Department

Special Constable Perform the duties of a police constable in a law student program.


1978 - 1980                              Kamloops Family Life Association

Executive Director of the Association, responsible for support to the Board, staff and volunteer supervision and training, in the provision of crisis line, marriage counselling, and community education services.


1977 - 1978                              Kamloops YM-YWCA

Program Director and Acting Executive Director responsible for Board support, program planning, financial administration, staff and volunteer supervision and training.


1976 - 1977                              Shawbridge Boys Farm and Training School,

Shift Supervisor of a juvenile detention unit facility.


1975 - 1976                              Kamloops YM-YWCA

Youth Program Co-Ordinator director of a drop-in centre and street program directed at 10-20 year old, street youth.





Trainer, Justice Institute of B.C. Centre for Conflict Resolution: on numerous occasions beginning in 1998 teaching: Resolving Conflict in the Workplace; Dealing with Interpersonal Conflict; Critical Skills for Communicating; Mediation I, Negotiation I, Asserting Yourself in Conflict Situations, Negotiation II, Civil Procedure for Mediators, as well as specifically designed contract courses to workgroups in the federal government, forest industry, and other private corporations.


Trainer, Justice Institute of B.C. CLCL Academy: Develop conflict resolution training for senior staff of the Ministry for Children and Family Development and deliver it in provincial regional areas.


Trainer, Continuing Legal Education Society: Construction Mediation, Multi-Party Mediation.


Act as the mediator in a training video for the Professional Legal Training Course, Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C.


Trainer, British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute: Advanced Personal Injury Mediation.


Group Facilitator, Westcoast Strategic Planning, Certainty after Delgamuukw conferences.


Rapporteur (Facilitation) for the Administration of Justice and ADR, Canadian Forum on Alternate Dispute Resolution, February 1995, Toronto, Canada.


Course Co-Ordinator, Continuing Legal Education Society, Personal Injury Damages Update

Courses (3).


Course Co-Ordinator, Continuing Legal Education Society, Personal Injury Litigation for Legal






Mediation Training for the Justices of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, 2000 to the present.


Negotiation Training for RCMP officers.


Commercial Mediation, Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C.


Advanced Commercial Mediation, Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C.


Family Law Mediation, Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C.


Anger Management in Legal Disputes, Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C.


I.C.B.C. Bodily Injury Adjuster Mediation Training.


Principled Negotiation for Lawyers, Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C.


B. C. Lands and Parks, Conflict Resolution Training.


Department of Justice Canada, Principled Negotiation for Lawyers.


Mediation Trainer, Canadian Dispute Resolution Corporation.


Conflict Resolution Training, SFU Liberal Arts Program.


Executive MBA Program, SFU.


Justice Institute of British Columbia, multiple courses.





Harvard University (28 hours)


Advanced Mediation Training, October 2-5, 1997, Linda Singer and Michael Lewis.


B.C. Children Commission (48 hours)


Training related to acting as a Tribunal Member of Commission concerning its work in adjudicating complaints about the care of children by government ministries.


Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C. (91 hours)


-Principled Negotiation for Barristers, March 22-23, 1991, Gordon  Sloan, 14 hours;

-Commercial Mediation I, November 12-13, 1992, Gordon Sloan, 14  hours;

-Advanced Commercial Mediation, December 2-4, 1992, Gordon Sloan, 21 hours;

-Family Mediation, May 3-7, 1993, Sally Campbell, Gordon Sloan, and Gerry McHale, 35 hours;

-Commercial Mediation Competency Skills, December 4, 1993, Joanne Elizabeth, 7 hours.


Justice Institute of British Columbia Courses (210 hours)


-Conflict Resolution (CR100), October 28-30, 1992, Karen Haddigan, 21 hours;

-Conflict Resolution (CR 200), February 22-24, 1993, Mario Govorchin, 21 hours;

-Negotiation Skills: Level I (CR 500), March 24-26, 1993, Mario Govorchin, 21 hours;

-Negotiation Skills: Level II (CR 600), May 25-28 1993, 28 hours;

-Caucusing in Mediation, (CR 764), June 9, 1993, Michael Fogel, 7 hours;

-Silent Messages: Communication Non-Verbally in Conflict (CR 758), June 17-18, 1993, Mario      Govorchin, 14 hours;

-Mediation I (CR 300), Credit given;

-Mediation II (CR 400), May 31-June 4, 1993, Stacy Holloway, 35 hours;

-Shifting from Positions to Interests, July 12-13, 1993, Arthur Ridgeway, 14 hours;

-Building Confidence in Mediation, August 27 and 31, 1993, Marg Huber, 14 hours;

-Building Confidence in Negotiation, August 18 and 20, 1993, 14 hours;

-Negotiation Assessment, September 15, 1993;

-Mediation Assessment, September 24, 1993;


Arbitration (15 hours)


-British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute arbitration training and committee approval, 1996.


Training for Trainers, Justice Institute of British Columbia (56 hours)

- Instructional Skills I, February 20-1, 1997;

- Ideas for Active Learning, March 3-4, 1997;

- Fundamentals of Instructional Planning, March 24-5, 1997;

- Instructional Skills II, April 3-4, 1997.


Child Protection Mediation Training (8 hours)


- Child Protection Mediator Training, Province of B.C., Jerry McHale, September 29, 1997.





- Law Society of British Columbia

- British Columbia Mediator Roster Society

- British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute

- Family Mediation Canada